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IF A DEATH HAS OCCURRED: (409) 746-2161

A Funeral Director will contact you for a time and place to conduct your "Funeral Director Arrangement Conference". All funeral arrangements will be completed during this one conference.

"Funerals Simplified" by Dorman Funeral Home will allow the family to bypass part of the "Funeral Director Arrangement Conference" by using the "Desk Top" version of our Web page to fill out our "Funerals Simplified" pre-planning form.  

THREE SIMPLE STEPS: To use "Funerals Simplified":

  1. Use our "Desk top" version only. 
  2. On the right side of this page "click" on the large "Plan Ahead" box with the man and woman holding hands.
  3. Find under Simple Planner portion of the page, in small blue type "Simple Planner" and click on it.
  4. Fill in all the information on the form, as best as you can.  We will help you more later, after you submit the form to us.
  5. When you complete the form, Match Pictures using "I am not a Robot", then hit "Send". A memo says you sent e-mail.

By hitting "send", your portion of the online arrangements will be privately emailed to Dorman Funeral Home and a Funeral Director will contact you as soon as possible for your funeral decisions.  Bypassing part of the "Funeral Directors Arrangement Conference" allows for a $1,965.00 discount from the (Professional Services/Funeral Director Services) General Price List.

"Funerals Simplified" is a convenient way for families to contact us if a death has occurred or if a family is just wishing to pre-plan arrangements prior to the death of a loved one. CALL (409)746-2161 FOR ASSISTANCE ANYTIME.

The Dorman Family, our Funeral Directors, and staff are dedicated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the expressed purpose of making sure that we do everything we can possibly do to make this time of need as easy as possible.

A Perpetual Care Cemetery owned by the Dorman Family since 1986, is the Premier Perpetual Care Cemetery in the Orange area, with 23 acres of beautiful land for future development. Included in the cemetery is a beautiful 100% Solid granite, 200 crypt Mausoleum with an additional 48 Nitches for Cremains.

Associated directly with Dorman Funeral Home and Autumn Oaks Cemetery can supply any monument of any design in any cemetery, at no extra cost. Our Monument Specialist can design any monument similar to any that someone sees in any cemetery, anywhere.

Woody Dorman, Jr.

Funeral Director and Co-Owner

We Have The Greatest Respect For All Our Veterans.

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Southeast Texas Funeral Directors Association
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